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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Super twitterer Contest: Win an evening with Aussie beauty

You know that to me whenever you offer me something that I think I can like I say yes. The Aussie boys , who are very nice people , of course, we could have raised me to have a contest to give away a super session with makeup artist and hairdresser Paula Soroa . An afternoon to take care of these and feel good about yourself . To me that is all that is caring me and treat me well I love so I thought that you too will seem planazo .

It now has one of those Aussie star products we all love and recharge the new miracle you fix your hair in a jiffy . Do not you ever get past the 6 pm , you 're out , and you have the fatal hair? Well, with this product , I go through hair andPelaz ! - this to me is that I love life solved .

And the autumn is a time and we're all in plop and listless plan so as we are " to bow Autumn " we will solve . To win you have to log into Twitter to share your plan be to stop using the hashtag # hastaelmoñodelotoño and @ TakeItAussie - referencing latter if you forget your tweet is not worth of course, continue to give you are cool . Among all will choose the coolest and will come with me to take care of an afternoon.

And if this were not enough , we have a winner but also 5 finalists un miracle recharge kit to look after you hair at home will take .

You have until Tuesday 26 at 24.00 to participate. Remember : "When I 'm # estaelmoñodelotoño just brightens my day a movie of Chuck Norris @ TakeItAussie " for example icon wink twitterer Super Contest: Win an evening with Aussie beauty

Of course , the tweets are worth not for you, ie you can win and then decide that your girlfriend, mother, cousin, friend ... is the person who deserves the award . And of course, the treatment will be in Madrid , yes, sure Aussie guys leave us that can be a weekend if you are out and you can come see me wink icon Super twitterer Contest: Win an evening with Aussie beauty

* I'll ask Paul to teach me to do this is groovy *

Good luck to everyone!
* Aussie just handed me the product I'm using as a raffle prize . The draw is promoted , designed and managed by - or associated with - Aussie

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