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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm Curvy becomes higher and grows

Beloved , you know that the project began more than a year has given me more than joy . I 'm Curvy has become my pretty girl and not a week that does not make me smile deep and even shed a tear or two . I get lovely messages and e- mails that make my life so I think he deserves grow.

I'm Curvy it comes to a project in which I put a lot of passion and hard work , and that, because I could not take one now who 'll help me . We have also created a Facebook page - growing apace , where you will be able to find out all curvys news and all things blog. We also have prepared a lot of great surprises that we hope you like them a lot.

Do not expect to spend more and to gossip a little, you are going to bring you more of a surprise . In the coming days you may go finding different developments are not very flashy stuff but we think it's worth betting on our vision of beauty : focus on being healthy and happy and not be thin .

Super twitterer Contest: Win an evening with Aussie beauty

You know that to me whenever you offer me something that I think I can like I say yes. The Aussie boys , who are very nice people , of course, we could have raised me to have a contest to give away a super session with makeup artist and hairdresser Paula Soroa . An afternoon to take care of these and feel good about yourself . To me that is all that is caring me and treat me well I love so I thought that you too will seem planazo .

It now has one of those Aussie star products we all love and recharge the new miracle you fix your hair in a jiffy . Do not you ever get past the 6 pm , you 're out , and you have the fatal hair? Well, with this product , I go through hair andPelaz ! - this to me is that I love life solved .

And the autumn is a time and we're all in plop and listless plan so as we are " to bow Autumn " we will solve . To win you have to log into Twitter to share your plan be to stop using the hashtag # hastaelmoñodelotoño and @ TakeItAussie - referencing latter if you forget your tweet is not worth of course, continue to give you are cool . Among all will choose the coolest and will come with me to take care of an afternoon.

And if this were not enough , we have a winner but also 5 finalists un miracle recharge kit to look after you hair at home will take .

You have until Tuesday 26 at 24.00 to participate. Remember : "When I 'm # estaelmoñodelotoño just brightens my day a movie of Chuck Norris @ TakeItAussie " for example icon wink twitterer Super Contest: Win an evening with Aussie beauty

Of course , the tweets are worth not for you, ie you can win and then decide that your girlfriend, mother, cousin, friend ... is the person who deserves the award . And of course, the treatment will be in Madrid , yes, sure Aussie guys leave us that can be a weekend if you are out and you can come see me wink icon Super twitterer Contest: Win an evening with Aussie beauty

* I'll ask Paul to teach me to do this is groovy *

Good luck to everyone!
* Aussie just handed me the product I'm using as a raffle prize . The draw is promoted , designed and managed by - or associated with - Aussie

Social Media Tutorials in Madrid

It turns out that I have succumbed to the reality that everyone is asking me tutorials Social Media in Madrid. And indeed , this is something I've done several times, but always in small groups or by pure friendship , but as it seems that several have interest I have decided to raise it publicly .

So if you want to learn how to use social networks for real, take advantage , understand why no good buy fans, what networks are those that have to manage , how you can get likes and followers , what can use this Social Media ... just have to get in touch with me because I'll show you that and more .

The idea is that some classes are not in use but a " mini - consulting " that focuses on what you need and how you can pull it off. Perfect for that of " pesonal brand " or tiny entrepreneurs who want to grow thanks to the Internet . If , by some chance , what you want is to turn you into Community Manager have to talk in more detail because it is not something that is achieved in two classes and will have to present a training system 360 ok? But you can do and will be happy to form yourselves - we have to find someone else to really may know everything - because that help ensure that the profession is made up of people who know what it does seems a Ideon .

Of course, for those who do not know them, who asked me to give classes , I think so, do they know my professional career , if not, check it here , and know that I love my job. Wear some time Social Media Manager being a multinational and devoted many years to create this community and caring for people through the on- line . I think the Internet and social networks are a wonderful to get , with very little investment , big things, so instead , I will be delighted to help you achieve it.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tips dresses for tall brides

Tall women always seem to have problems when choosing their clothing, which is why today we want to give some tips for when buying your wedding dress to choose the most flattering for your body.

There are a lot of dresses, but keep in mind that not all designs will sit well. If you are one of those women of high altitude and thin, first you should avoid tight dresses, they only make you look slimmer succeed and increase your height.

Before going to buy or try on the dresses is recommended that photos of models look high with dresses, this will help you to choose the right one for you. Also if you like any dress especially you can chat with a dressmaker to make it to your measurements.

Cuts dresses favor you are:
- Wide, gauzy skirts, these look perfect on tall women and plump, skirt helps conceal broad hips doing more slender look.