Impressions Of Painting: I'm Curvy becomes higher and grows

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm Curvy becomes higher and grows

Beloved , you know that the project began more than a year has given me more than joy . I 'm Curvy has become my pretty girl and not a week that does not make me smile deep and even shed a tear or two . I get lovely messages and e- mails that make my life so I think he deserves grow.

I'm Curvy it comes to a project in which I put a lot of passion and hard work , and that, because I could not take one now who 'll help me . We have also created a Facebook page - growing apace , where you will be able to find out all curvys news and all things blog. We also have prepared a lot of great surprises that we hope you like them a lot.

Do not expect to spend more and to gossip a little, you are going to bring you more of a surprise . In the coming days you may go finding different developments are not very flashy stuff but we think it's worth betting on our vision of beauty : focus on being healthy and happy and not be thin .

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